Thursday, March 31, 2011

Farm House Exterior Painting Underway

The next three posts after this are updates moved from the Farm House Journal home page; they discuss the ongoing exterior painting project.

A little back story: back in July, we received a command from the City to paint the exterior, and gave us a generous three weeks in which to get it done before they started assessing fines.

Needless to say, I greeted this with extreme consternation. This action was egregiously wrong in many ways. Nevertheless, to make a long story short I got right on it, and after about three months of constant torment, my wife Lydia and I wrestled the City to an accommodation: I would get it done as fast as I can, and they would back off as long as the job continued to progress in a timely manner. Since then, they've only bugged me once—the work stopped completely for several weeks while I recuperated from a nasty fall—and that contact was entirely cordial once the code compliance officer saw the lurid bruise along the entirety of my right arm. I didn't even have to show her the other 75% of the injury.

The next post picks the story up from here.

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