Thursday, March 31, 2011

Introducing The Farm House Journal Blog

As it says above, I am establishing this blog to supplement my main site, The Farm House Journal. That site documents the ongoing restoration of our Victorian home in Pasadena, California, the 1885 Keil-Wilson House.

I intend to use this blog to circumvent the structural and technical limitations of the Journal. First of all, despite its title, the character of the Journal is rather schizophrenic; Volumes I and III are written in a present-tense, journalistic style, but Volumes II and IV are written more like a book, in a past-tense, narrative style. This wasn't a problem when the narrative dealt with the immediate past, but with it having fallen now four years behind the present time, the Journal is morphing into a dinner-theater production of Intolerance, with whiplash-inducing transitions between the past and present threads and sometimes even within them. Moving current business here will leave the Journal free for the narrative of the Farm House restoration.

Another limitation of the Journal is that, as a practical matter, it is limited to carrying text and pictures. Here, I can link audio and video as desired.

And finally, it's much quicker to post an entry here than on the FHJ. As I've mentioned there, I often find myself too busy working on the Farm House to have the time to write about what I'm doing. That's how I fell so far behind in the narrative. Here, I can post a quick entry whenever I have something to report, and when I get to the narrative, I'll have its rough draft already half-written.

And so, away we go! A little traveling music, Sammy!


  1. This is a test to verify the proper function of the comments thingy.

  2. And this is a test to ensure that some odd person (that's I) can also post to the blog. I'm starting at the beginning, which seemed like the appropriate place to start. On;y time will tell if this is a good choice.

  3. Since I am quite a linear person, yes, I think starting at the beginning is a good choice. At least, that's what I did.

  4. Hey, the italics worked! Anyway, I would like to be an exponential person, but at least I'm not inverse.


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