Friday, April 8, 2011

Oppressive Comments Regime Deposed

When I set this blog up, I didn't look closely at how the comments were to be handled. When I started to hear back about difficulties in commenting, I found I could post my own comment without a problem.

The thing is, I'm a registered Blogger user, so I got right past all the barriers that were there to keep out the hoi polloi without noticing them. Happily, at last my wife Lydia investigated the matter and smartened me up.

I have removed all barriers now, so posting a comment here will no longer be like buying Sudafed. In the "comment as" dropdown box, simply choose "Anonymous". I'd get rid of that box altogether, but that doesn't seem to be an option.


  1. This is a test of an anonymous comment.

    Don't immanetize the eschaton!

  2. Free at last! The FHJ is truly a joy to explore now and the blog is totally user friendly:-)


Please don't let the "Comment as" dropbox annoy you:
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