Saturday, April 9, 2011

It's Movie Night!

Well, the weather has been bad, I've been sick, and tonight we went to the Angels' home opener. They lost, so I'm not writing about that. So it's Movie Night!

In the future, I plan to post films actually relevant to the subject, such as instructional films. For my first attempt at linking video, however, I will provide some pure entertainment: a stage fight between our two boy cats Adam and Benny. Sounds lame, I know, but it's actually pretty entertaining. 

Adam's a young Maine Coon, still only nine months old in this video but already huge. He's considerably bigger now, five months later; the breed continues to grow until they are 5 years old. He's like having a small, tame bobcat in the house. Benny is a tabby American Shorthair, streetwise, pure muscle. Adam and Benny are the best of friends, and they love to tussle like this. It looks like they're trying to kill each other, but they never leave so much as a scratch. They put on a show like this every day for us.


  1. Sooo Cute, it never gets old. Note: Angel mat is the neutral zone.

  2. Flying paws of fury. Fluffy fur wiggles out of emperor's death grip and launches a blitz!


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