Saturday, May 21, 2011


Wow, bummer. The world didn't end after all, so I have to keep on painting the danged house.

Now, before I go on, let me make clear that I'm not making fun of Christians here; that would be to make fun of myself, too. No, I'm making fun of idiot publicity-hounds. For the record, this whole Jesus-is-returning-on-date-certain is un-Christian on its face. Jesus himself said that we won't know of His return beforehand. You can look it up. So this "preacher", whoever he is, will have a lot of splainin to do when he gets upstairs for leading his flock astray.

Anyway, I was going to say that I can at least understand why people might think this was the end times, even though people have been thinking that for at least the last 150 years or so. I mean, the weather alone is enough to raise suspicion. It's been horribly devastating in other parts of the country. Hereabouts, thank goodness, the weather has merely been odd, sometimes bordering on the bizarre, since the beginning of Winter. 

Goodness knows it's slowed my work down considerably. Rain has stymied me for weeks at a time. Even the threat of rain has done so when I'm ready to paint. Truth be told, I've caught very few breaks since I started the project. Even now, just when I'm really beginning to enjoy writing this blog, a number of issues have arisen involving my computers that have really put a wrench in my desire to bring you more multimedia content. 

As of today, it's even prevented my bringing you pictures of the work. I uncovered the big knothole I was telling you about, and took a lot of pictures. Some were to show you, and others were just for my reference, with a ruler held across various spans to assist my preparing a patch. I brought the camera in and put the flash card in my laptop, waited for them to copy over, then ejected the card, put it back in my camera, and erased the images in the camera so that I'd not get crossed up regarding which were new. Then I went back to the laptop to process the pictures, and they weren't there. This is just the latest incident in a run of erratic behavior, and I can read the handwriting on the wall: the thing needs a complete disk wipe and re-loading of Windows. All you Johnny Appleseeds, smirk here. 

No problem, right? I have my desktop as a backup. Uh, no; its hard disk is completely full, with nothing I can delete, so I have to install another hard disk. So I have two big computer projects, and no time in which to do them. You know, sometimes I suspect that somebody up there hates me.

I'm afraid, Dear Reader, that this all spells H-I-A-T-U-S for this blog, until such time as I can take care of my computer problems. There's not much point to my posting without pictures. I'll do my best to take pictures as I go along, so that when I do return here I can catch you all up with the proceedings.

Until then, Mazel Tov, and have a great Spring!


  1. Don'T GO! Or is that all there is? Then maybe truly the world will come to an end.

  2. Zowie, someone's in a bad mood. I know they say "a pictures worth a thousand words" but your written world could melt a soul. Now that's Rapture.

  3. loch heim?

    Entschuldigung, nicht verstanden. Bitte erklären Sie mal.

  4. Don't go! So far this is the last post I have received at work. Very disappointing:(


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