Sunday, May 29, 2011

Million Dollar Movie

Adam and Benny's epic couch fight.

Anyone sentient before the Seventies who grew up within range of an RKO/General television station will undoubtedly remember the Million Dollar Movie. Here in the Los Angeles area, we had it on KHJ-TV Channel 9.

Back then, it was common for the local stations to run movies during prime time, and the Million Dollar Movie was Channel 9's title for their prime-time movie. What made the Million Dollar Movie distinctive was that they played the same movie for a whole week. They also ran that same film every afternoon. This was great if it was a movie you liked, because you had at least twelve chances to see it, a rare opportunity before VCRs or cable movie channels.

So this is my homage to that fine old institution: a movie you can watch as many times as you want!

Yes, it's our media stars Adam and Benny again, back with another epic battle, with the prize this time a prime spot on the couch. Will Adam's increased reach and throw weight carry the day, or will Benny's kitty Krav Maga help him overcome his size disadvantage? Watch and find out!


  1. Calamity Jane has nothing on these two!

  2. I remember being home sick from school for a week here in NYC in the late 60s. The Million Dollar Movie was Body and Soul, with John Garfield. I watched it every day.

  3. I can remember precisely tunes I haven't heard in 40 years, but I for some reason have a poor recollection of movies I saw that long ago. The only Million Dollar Movie I can distinctly recall watching repeatedly was The Virginian, the 1929 version with Gary Cooper. I was just starting to learn movie history at the time, and I was fascinated by a film that actually dated back to the Twenties. At that time, 1929 was about 40 years earlier.

    Of course, now "that time" was about 40 years earlier. Whahoppen?


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