Sunday, July 8, 2012

Epoxy Variations: III (Finale: Allegro Amabile)

With the cracks in the siding all epoxied up, I had two more epoxy-related tasks to perform before I could start rehabilitating the dormer in earnest: the consolidating of the heavily damaged sill wood, and the sealing of the end grain on the siding. The former task I wanted to do before sanding because I wanted to prevent the many crannies worn in the sill wood from becoming choked with sanding dust, and the latter was simply convenient to do at the same time.

The sill on the dormer is damaged in the same way as those on the south side windows: extreme lignin damage and oxidation from sun exposure. Here's a picture I took a while back, showing the condition of the sill:

Check out the mountain of debris that had built up in the weight pocket!

In any event, the damage is not as deep on the dormer sill, but it is just as severe. Thus, the treatment required here was the same: straight LiquidWood, applied liberally; the only difference is that the wood would require less of it.

So this last variation is essentially a reprise of the Theme, played more quickly and lightly, and sweetly as well, because we don't have to choke on thinner.

Here is the completed treatment:

The top part of the sill didn't need treatment, because it has been protected under the sash. As I mentioned, I've sealed the ends of the siding as well. Aside from the preventing of any absorption of moisture there, I'm hoping it will help discourage further cracking simply by binding the grain more firmly together.

Now, I am ready to sand.

* * *

Ganahl Lumber, Pasadena. They really make a guy feel at home.


  1. The view from the top is so cool! That much closer to Angel Stadium:-)


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